Search Results for: [2/5, 11:47 AM] Guljan Afghan: Hi sir my name is guljan son of mohammad hasham living in zabul province qalat city I have worked with NATO and ASAF Romanian forces in zabul province in jaldak 19th base from 2009 until 2013 as labor baker and contacter ghe base wich located in high way from zabul to ward of kandahar province my life is in high value if danger my life is so risky every single day I am under truthes alkaida and taliban searched my house I burned my all dacuments before to they were starting to search my career and biography in boimetric system my pinger print and eye scane us jn system so please invite me chick my biometric please help me and put me in evcuation system to take me out of afghanistan from any way please [2/5, 12:51 PM] Guljan Afghan: help me and give me a job Life in Afghanistan is bad and dangerous [2/5, 12:52 PM] Guljan Afghan: am a person with no family [2/5, 12:54 PM] Guljan Afghan: Help me my life is in danger