PS5 Slim vs. PlayStation 5 Launch Version: Is Slimmer Better?


For the gaming community, the epic clash they’ve eagerly awaited has finally arrived – it’s the PS5 Slim vs. the original PlayStation 5. Gamers worldwide are curious as they mull over the distinctions between Sony’s svelte new PS5 Slim and the hulking beast that started it all.

Size Matters: The Slimmer Silhouette

Gamers have long lamented the colossal, unwieldy frame of the PlayStation 5. Now, Sony has answered their pleas by introducing the PS5 Slim, continuing the tradition of providing a more compact alternative to each PlayStation console mid-generation.

A pivotal transformation in the PS5 Slim is its size, the topic on everyone’s minds. The initial PS5 was a veritable giant, often dominating living spaces with its imposing presence. With the PS5 Slim, Sony has aimed to rectify this, making it a more manageable addition to your gaming setup.

The dimensions do the talking. The original PS5 (disc version) towered at 104mm in height, stretched 390mm in width, and reached 260mm in depth. In contrast, the PS5 Slim (disc version) adopts a more modest stature, measuring 96mm in height, 358mm in width, and 216mm in depth. If you opt for the digital edition, the contrast is equally conspicuous. The original PS5 measured 92mm x 390mm x 260mm, while the PS5 Slim (digital edition) decreased to 80mm x 358mm x 216mm.

In essence, this leaner version results in a 30 percent reduction in total volume, a commendable step towards a more compact design. Nevertheless, it’s worth mentioning that, even with this reduction, both PS5 Slim models remain weightier than the Xbox Series X, reminding us that “slim” is a relative term in the gaming world.

Horsepower and Storage: No Compromises

One of the most comforting aspects of the new PS5 models is that they possess identical internal capabilities to their predecessors. This is not a scenario in which you must choose between two performance tiers, as with the PS4 and PS4 Pro. Games will run with equal finesse on the original PS5 and the PS5 Slim.

However, for those opting for the new PS5 Slim models, there’s a delightful bonus – an expansion of onboard storage. The original PS5 provided a meager 825GB of storage, with the option to extend it via external SSDs. The new PS5 Slim models have a spacious 1TB built-in storage, providing ample room for additional games depending on their size. More storage equates to more gaming fun without the perpetual need to curate your digital library.

Disc Drive Dilemma: To Spin or Not to Spin

Just like at the launch of the original PS5, there are two flavors of PS5 Slim: one with a built-in disc drive and the other digital-only. Nevertheless, there’s an intriguing twist in this narrative. Sony offers an optional detachable disc drive for $79.99, a development circulating in the rumor mill for over a year, yet few expected it to materialize in 2023.

This option endows you with the best of both worlds – the convenience of digital downloads and the nostalgia of physical game discs. It’s a win-win situation for gamers who want to curate their gaming collection to align with their preferences.

Price: A Slim Price Difference

Sony’s pricing strategy for the new PS5 Slim models might leave you scratching your head. Although some anticipated a reduction in prices, reality tells a different story. The PS5 Slim with a disc drive remains fixed at the $499 price point, whereas the digital-only version is tagged at $449 – a $50 increase compared to the original digital-only model.

This implies that if you choose the digital model and later incorporate the disc drive, it will incur higher costs than merely purchasing the version with the built-in drive. It’s a tad perplexing, but it appears Sony is banking on the new slim design being the primary selling point.

The Slim’s Arrival: Just in Time for the Holidays

The introduction of the PS5 Slim models could not have been timed more perfectly. Sony has positioned these svelte siblings as the new standard, and once the older 2020 models are exhausted, embracing the slim future becomes inevitable. These new models emerge just in time for the holiday season, rendering them a flawless gift for yourself or the gamers.

Also, Sony offers two accessories to enhance your gaming experience – a detachable disc drive and a Vertical Stand for heightened customization.

So, when will the PS5 Slim become available? These svelte gaming machines will begin their rollout in select locations next month- proposedly November 10, with gradual expansion to global markets in the ensuing months. Keep an eye on direct.playstation.com for online availability.

The Bottom Line: Slim and Stylish, But With a Sticker Shock

In summary, the PS5 Slim is a welcomed addition to the PlayStation family, offering a more manageable size and enhanced storage capacity. However, its elevated price tag may compel you to reconsider. Whether you’re ready to embrace the slim future or cling to the original, the gaming realm continues to brim with excitement. The choice is yours, but rest assured, a spectacular gaming experience awaits, regardless of your decision. Happy gaming, ardent fans of the PlayStation universe!

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