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Why You Should Move To Canada In 2024


Canada is one of the most sought-after immigration destinations every year. The fact that there are several excellent reasons to immigrate to Canada is therefore not surprising. Canada is one of the best countries in the world because of its numerous opportunities, multiculturalism, and decent standard of living.

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There are 8 reasons we have decided that moving to Canada in 2024 is ideal.

Employment Opportunities

Long-standing labor shortages in Canada were made worse by the COVID-19 pandemic. Employment vacancy rates are at all-time highs; Canada recently announced that there were around a million open positions. Immigration seems like the only feasible way to tackle the rising labor deficit and fill up vacancies.

The employment rates of current immigrants have risen in the last several months. According to Statistics Canada, during the early 2010s, the employment rate for newcomers increased by 8 percentage points, while the wages of recent economic immigrants increased by 39% percent.

Educational System

Canada has one of the greatest educational systems in the world. UNESCO has selected it as the top destination for immigrants looking to study abroad. According to a recent education ranking, 56% of people in Canada have attended post-secondary education in some capacity. All Canadian citizens have access to basic education through the country’s free public school system. Compared to many other nations in the world, Canada offers more access to post-secondary education, including post-graduate education.

International students discover that pursuing their studies in Canada is preferable due to more reasonably priced tuition fees. International students can also get Canadian permanent residency.

All-inclusive Healthcare

For Canadians, access to medical care is seen as a fundamental right, much like education. Every Canadian citizen or permanent resident is granted access to health care regardless of their financial situation by the national health insurance program. In Canada, unlike several other nations, getting medical care is not based on your yearly income. Americans even pay more for healthcare than Canadians.

Every province and territory has a health plan. New immigrants can obtain a health card and register for their province’s health insurance program. The majority of emergency and medical services provided by the Canadian healthcare system are free of charge for most citizens. The majority of emergency and medical services are provided to Canadians without charge through the public healthcare system.


Canada takes great pride in accommodating people from various races, religions, and genders. People from almost 200 different countries, as well as a wide variety of financial and educational backgrounds, call Canada home. The Canadian Multiculturalism Act was enacted by Canada in 1988. It was among the first in the world to put the federal government’s commitment to promoting diversity in society into legislation. According to reports by Statistics in Canada, most people who visit Canada feel like they belong.


To meet labor demands and augment its aging population, Canada has long maintained a pro-immigration position. The Canadian government has accordingly established several channels to assist foreigners in entering the country.

The Express Entry immigration method is one of the most widely used ones. Joining the Express Entry pool is free of charge, and doing so gives qualified applicants the chance to apply for immigration to Canada as well as to be nominated by a Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). The likelihood of receiving an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for permanent residency is significantly increased upon receiving a PNP nomination.


Compared to most other countries in the world, Canada has a significantly lower crime rate. Also, the rate of gun violence is far lower than it is in the US. Based on data acquired in 2022, there are three times as many gun crimes in the US as there are in Canada.

In international polls on progress, safety, and quality of life, Canada ranks highly. Canada consistently appears among the world’s top 10 safest nations, as determined by the Global Peace Index. According to Statista’s analysis, Canada was ranked #2 in the world for LGBT visitors’ safety in 2020.

Political Stability

Canada loves democracy and has a relatively stable political structure. It was placed higher than any country in North America at number five on the Economist Intelligence Unit’s 2020 world democracy index. Since leaders are chosen democratically, there isn’t much political upheaval in the country. Canadians have the right to openly demonstrate, advocate for change, or choose to vote for a new party in any election if they are unhappy with the current administration.

Business Growth

Canada is regarded as one of the world’s most stable economies. The COVID-19 epidemic produced long-lasting economic impacts in several nations, however, Canada recovered quicker than most. The Canadian economy grew at a 6.7% annual rate at the end of the fourth quarter of 2021, surpassing its pre-pandemic size.

Employers and provinces seek foreign workers to fill labor market shortages to sustain post-pandemic growth. A strong economy and higher-than-ever immigration objectives put potential immigrants in an excellent position to succeed in Canada.

In conclusion, anyone thinking about relocating to Canada will find Canada fascinating and profitable. The country’s long history of immigration and its dedication to multiculturalism, as well as opportunities for both professional and personal growth, among other things, make it the perfect travel destination in 2024. 

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