Top 5 Best Grammar Software Checkers 2023


Grammar software checkers assist you in proofreading your documents by analyzing the text and pointing out errors in spelling, phrasing, and punctuation. Some grammar checkers even offer instant corrections.

Before hiring a proofreader, it can help you save a lot of money and expedite the review process significantly.

But human proofreading is still somewhat present, even with these tools. While they cannot promise to catch every error, they will catch the great majority of them.

When composing content for online publication, you want it to be flawless. The reason for this is that even the smallest grammatical error can harm your writing reputation. If your readers think you are unprofessional, they might decide to stop reading from you.

The proliferation of content on the internet over the past ten years has led to an explosion in the popularity of grammar checkers in software.

A grammar checker can help you save a ton of time and even money when writing essays, research papers, blog posts, or any other type of content.

We will discuss the top grammar software checkers and their additional features in this article.

The Best Grammar Software Checkers of 2023


Grammarly - One of the Best Grammar Software checkers.

When it comes to grammar software checkers, Grammarly remains the industry leader. Its sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms not only fix spelling and grammar errors but also provide recommendations for better word choice, sentence structure, and overall clarity. Grammarly guarantees that your writing, whether it be for reports, essays, or emails, is polished and businesslike.

Grammarly Premium is designed to identify intricate spelling, punctuation, and grammar mistakes. It provides guidance on how to enhance sentence structure, word choice, and readability.

Even more experimental but potentially useful is the ability to set objectives for tone and intent.

  • Fast and accurate grammar and spell-check
  • Excellent interfaces across platforms
  • Premium writing style tools
  • Good mobile keyboard
  • Limited-time free edition.
  • Comparatively expensive membership fee.
  • Integration with Google Docs is still in beta. In order to fully utilize your premium subscription, you must copy and paste your text into the app.
  • The Grammarly app should be used with caution when pointing out errors. For example, even though commas can make a sentence flow awkwardly, Grammarly loves them.
Grammarly’s Price

You can try Grammarly for free. Three payment schedules are available for the Grammarly Premium upgrade: monthly billing at $29.95, quarterly billing at $19.98 ($59.95), or annual billing at $11.66 ($139.95).

Review of Grammarly

The free version of Grammarly will carry out a fundamental grammar check and find typos. The premium version offers feedback to help you write better while catching sophisticated errors like passive voice detection and plagiarism.

As mentioned in the in-depth review of Grammarly, it is a great option to hone your writing abilities and keep your writing free of errors, and it makes a special gift for someone who writes frequently.

Hemingway Editor

The Hemingway Editor, a grammar and style checker, offers suggestions on how to make your writing readable. Every freelance editor and writer can appreciate Hemingway’s style, which aims for succinct, understandable sentence structures. 

Complex sentences are either “hard to read” or “very hard to read.” By doing this, you can make sentences that are too complicated and might make your reader confused simpler. It also draws attention to the use of the passive voice, an excess of adverbs, and convoluted sentences. 

  • Simplifies complex sentences and improves readability.
  • Identifies passive voice and adverbs.
  • Helpful for creative writers.
  • One-time purchase with no subscription fees.
  • For the app to review your work, you must copy and paste it; otherwise, your formatting will be lost.
  • Lacks some advanced grammar checks.
  • Limited to desktop use.
The Cost of Hemingway Editor

It is free to use the online version. There is a desktop app that costs $19.99 that allows you to work offline.

Hemingway Editor Review

Grammar checker software should not be used in place of the Hemingway Editor. However, it is a great addition to these tools. This app assists you in improving your readability and avoiding potential roadblocks that might make readers decide to leave. It can ensure that readers will read what you write. 


ProWritingAid is a writing aid, though — a complete grammar, spelling, and plagiarism-checking tool that works across a variety of platforms. Therefore, it goes beyond just using software for proofreading to identify common errors. They see themselves as your own mentor, writing style editor, grammar expert, and writing coach.

  • Comprehensive writing style analysis.
  • Plagiarism checker included.
  • Detailed reports for improving writing.
  • Affordable pricing.
  • Steeper learning curve compared to some other tools.
  • Can be overwhelming with extensive suggestions.
The Cost of ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid offered various pricing options, including a free version with limited features and premium plans starting at around $20 per month.

ProWritingAid Review

If you are a blogger who creates posts directly in WordPress, this free grammar checker can help you avoid making mistakes. The open-source code is available for developers to use in applications.


WhiteSmoke leverages AI technology to provide real-time suggestions and corrections for grammar, punctuation, and style. It’s particularly effective for business professionals, helping to create polished documents, emails, and reports that leave a lasting impression.

  • Multilingual support.
  • Accurate grammar and punctuation checking.
  • Offers a built-in translator.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Subscription-based with a higher cost for premium features.
  • May not catch all advanced grammar issues
  • There is no option for automatic monthly payments. You must consent to making a yearly subscription payment. 
The Cost of WhiteSmoke

The annual price for the Web version (browsers only) is $59.95. The monthly cost of the Premium version, which is $79.95 annually, is $6.66.

Note: These prices reflect a 50% discount.

WhiteSmoke Review

If you need a less expensive grammar app, WhiteSmoke can help you save money (while the 50% discount is still in effect). You must be prepared to take a chance because there is no free trial option available despite the 31-day money-back guarantee.


Ginger is well known for helping non-native English speakers. In order to improve clarity and fluency, it provides sentence rephrasing in addition to grammar and spell checking. This software is a priceless tool for ESL writers who want to create excellent English-language content.

The maximum character count for the free tool is 350. However, you can get a much more feature-rich Google Chrome extension for free if you are willing to register for the Ginger grammar checker. You will then have access to the Ginger Writer app, where you can copy your text and paste it to check for errors.

To detect spelling errors in texts, emails (Outlook, Gmail, etc.), and social media posts, Ginger offers a mobile app called Ginger Keyboard. It works with MS Word, but not Google Docs.

  • Over 40 languages can be translated using the built-in language tool.
  • Three writing tools are available in the free version: a dictionary, a thesaurus, and an editing window with translations.
  • An “English personal trainer” is available in the premium version. The trainer acts as a virtual writing tutor by offering “personalized practice sessions based on your own writing.”
  • In the Ginger Writer app, you must go through several steps to edit your text. To find out what is wrong, you must first hover over errors. To accept or reject the error, you must then click a text box. There is not a sidebar (like Grammarly), which lists every possible grammatical error.
  • When an error occurs in the free version, it offers very little feedback.
  • Neither Google Docs nor the Mac OS are compatible with Ginger.
The Cost of Ginger

There are three ways to upgrade to Ginger Premium if you require more features than the free version. A two-year subscription costs $159.84, $7.49 per month when billed annually, or $20.97 per month when billed monthly.

Ginger Review

The free version of Ginger offers basic spell and grammar checks. You must upgrade to the premium version if you want to view an analysis of your errors or access more sophisticated grammar checking.

If English is your second language or if you want to switch between languages while checking your grammar, Ginger is a great grammar checker app.

It can be difficult to find the best free grammar software checkers. Due to your heavy workload, it is impossible for you to manually check everything for grammar errors at once, including emails, lengthy blog posts, social media posts, documentation, and so forth. So that you can choose the best free options to automate your grammar check, we have put together the top picks for English grammar checkers.

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