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Marriage is frequently viewed by the majority of people as a woman’s rebirth. Therefore, innumerable stupid women blindly jump into one. My husband is considered the ideal spouse by many. He loved and cared for me unconditionally. But even so, he continued to cheat on me in plain sight. I have made the decision to hand him a silver platter as retribution for his deceit and ugly nature that hide behind his façade of being the ideal husband!


The narrator, after putting her daughter to bed, comes across a TikTok live broadcast showing her husband, Matthew, supposedly on a business trip in Canta.
Matthew appears to be with another woman, raising suspicions.
When she confronts him via video call, Matthew insists he’s in Canta, having dinner with a client.
The narrator, feeling guilty for doubting him, dismisses her suspicions but is troubled by the windbreaker worn by the man in the live stream, identical to the one she had ironed for Matthew.
Matthew returns the next day, seemingly unaware of any suspicions.
During dinner, he comments on the smell of oil, prompting the narrator to take a shower.
After an intimate moment, the narrator notices a message on Matthew’s phone, leading to a suspenseful cliffhanger.

Matthew hastily takes the phone, revealing a message from his sister, Mel, asking if the narrator found out about something.
Matthew dismisses it, claiming Mel is using him as a cover to scam their mother.
The narrator expresses concern about Mel’s actions, and Matthew playfully attributes their financial success to the narrator’s understanding and generosity.
The couple’s doubts are washed away during an intimate moment.

The narrator brings up the idea of buying a house for their daughter’s education, and Matthew agrees to find a suitable place.
The narrator dreams of a beautiful big house and falls asleep content.
The next day, the narrator meets with her best friend, Ivanna, who warns her not to get too comfortable, implying something more to her words.
Ivanna cryptically mentions seeing Matthew the day before, leaving the narrator curious and concerned…



Despite the fact that Chloe is the primary character of the book, we do not find out her name until after the fourth chapter. She was a very gifted woman with a promising future, but she was also willing to make some expensive sacrifices in order to support her partner and have a healthy family.

She appears to be so committed to winning his approval in the first part of the book that she practically gives up any self-worth she may have had prior to the engagement.


In the novel, Matthew serves as the “male lead” and is characterized by his excessively self-centered behavior and amazing physical attractiveness. In contrast to Chloe, Matthew had a modest net worth and was more of a common man.

In spite of the fact that he did not even try to help Chloe, his mother Grace still thinks highly of him. Although he makes an effort to appear loving and caring on the surface, he is ultimately a victim of his own hedonistic desires.

His apparent change of heart is not convincing to Chloe, though throughout the book he appears to exhibit some genuine remorse for his actions.


The plot in “Beyond the Divorce” basically revolves around Chloe’s failed marriage adventure with Matthew. During the first chapter, we see Chloe browsing TikTok and happening upon a man’s livestream.

At this point, it had been established in her mind that her husband was on a business trip in Canta, but the man on the livestream looked eerily similar to her “loving” husband and had a female companion with him. After talking with him over the phone, her mind remained relatively at ease, though there was still a lingering suspicion.

Later, she found out that he had actually been unfaithful to her, a fact that filled her with grief and even rage. She had renounced a successful career, handing the management of her business over to him so that she could devote her time to raising their kids. To make matters even worse, the woman whom he was cheating with was his own sister, Melanie (of all people), who had additionally benefitted from Chloe’s amassed wealth for a very long time.

Still, Chloe maintained her composure despite her stomach growling behind closed doors. She was tempted to discredit Matthew by revealing his incestuous relationship, but she quickly realized that doing so would make it much more difficult for her to get what is rightfully hers. Still, her retaliation strategy was well advanced.

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