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Every relationship has its own ups and downs. Some relationships, however, experience climax that may never be overshadowed by any down. This especially true in this Chines romance novel masterpiece. I Want a Lifetime with You novel is a story about a couple who has seen it all. When you download or read the novel PDFs online you discover the story of Shi Nuan and Fu Chengyan who loved each other more than anything or anyone else and this love created for them – the bedrock for an everlasting time together.

I Want a Lifetime with You novel is available in English on Bravonovel with upto 500 chapters at the time of this writing and still ongoing. The romance novel is popular among Tagalog and English readers around the world. The novel translation can be download or read free online on trusted websites.

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It was a late autumn day in Jiangcheng. Shi Nuan had just disembarked from her flight with her luggage in tow. She took a deep breath, taking in the long-lost, yet familiar scent. She had gone overseas to further her studies for a whole year as a representative of her company, and she was finally back now.

When she thought about how it would be her third anniversary with Fu Xicheng in three days, she worked around the clock to could come back earlier, hoping to give him a surprise.

The woman quickly hailed a cab to Fu Xicheng’s company. When she walked in, Yu, the receptionist, looked at her in shock. “You’re back, Director Shi. Are you here for the General Manager’s wedding?”

Shi Nuan frowned, perplexed by what Yu was saying. “Your General Manager’s wedding? What are you talking about, Yu?”

“The wedding between Mr. Fu and your sister!”

“What did you say?” Shi Nuan was shocked, happiness fading from her expression. “Whose wedding did you just say it was?”

Yu looked at Shi Nuan and soon realized she had said something she shouldn’t have. She visibly gulped. “The General Manager and your sister’s…”

“Where is it held?”

“J-Jinyi Hotel.”

Shi Nuan was thunderstruck. She turned on her heel and left the company. “Take me to Jinyi Hotel, please.”

Shi Nuan got out of the car at the main door of the hotel. Before she even entered, the woman saw a photo of them right outside the door. Fu Xicheng was hugging Shi Wei, who was dressed in an elegant gown. They were looking at each other with love.

Shi Nuan had been trying to comfort herself on her way to the hotel by saying Fu Xicheng was her boyfriend, so it was impossible that he was engaged to her sister. However, reality was a harsh slap to her face.

Once she entered, Shi Nuan saw Fu Xicheng whispering something to Shi Wei, making the latter blush. What she saw made her face turn red with rage. What a joke. My boyfriend of three years getting engaged to my sister while I was overseas.

Shi Wei was toasting the guests with Fu Xicheng when she spotted her sister from the corner of her eye. Color drained from her face and she reflexively gripped Fu Xicheng’s arm tighter.

Fu Xicheng saw Shi Nuan too, but he was only stunned for a moment. He gave Shi Wei a comforting smile before they walked up to Shi Nuan. “Here to attend our wedding, Nuan?”

He sounded so gentle, but Shi Nuan felt like she had been stabbed with a knife. She said through gritted teeth, “Your wedding? You cheated on me, Fu Xicheng! Do you not feel sorry at all? And you, Shi Wei! Are you really that thirsty for men and attention? You knew he’s my boyfriend, so how dare you—”

“You scum!” Someone gave her a hard slap across the face.

Shi Nuan held her throbbing cheek, her eyes tearing up. “Mom!”

“Don’t call me that! I don’t have a daughter like you! Your sister is getting married today, and instead of blessing her, you come here and cause a riot? You’re doing this on purpose, aren’t you?!” Jiang Yu gnashed her teeth and glared at Shi Nuan.

Shi Nuan’s heart skipped a beat. “What are you talking about, mom? Fu Xicheng’s my boyfriend!”

“What do you mean he’s your boyfriend? He’s your brother-in-law! Why do you have to fight with your sister over everything? You disappoint me!”

“Haha!” Shi Nuan suddenly let out a bark of laughter. She looked at her mother, who was twisting the facts, before she looked at Fu Xicheng. “You tell her! Who’s your girlfriend, Fu Xicheng?”

Fu Xicheng frowned, feeling flustered as he looked at Shi Nuan, but the grip on his arm sobered him up. “Sorry, Nuan, but the person I love has always been your sister.”

Shi Nuan could feel her heart being shredded to pieces as Fu Xicheng answered her calmly.

Well, well, well, this is just dandy, huh?

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