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Novel Synopsis

Mia thought the best way to get revenge against her terrible ex was to get sexual pleasure from someone else. Preferably, a stranger! So she stalked the sexiest man she could find at the party. Once he cornered her, she made him a deal. Mia had no idea that the man she made a deal with was a possessive billionaire who could make or break her. He wanted more after their passionate night together, and decided she was going to be entangled with him for life.

Characterization of the Story of Entangled With The Billionaire


Entangled With The Billionaire: Mia

Mia is the female protagonist of the book. She is a 23-year-old woman who works as a waitress at a diner. She has long brown hair, green eyes, and a curvy figure. She is smart, kind, loyal, and independent, but she also has low self-esteem, trust issues, and a tendency to run away from her problems.

To exact revenge on her ex, she made the decision to have a one-night fling with a stranger; little did she know that she would fall in love. As she came to love and trust both Colton and herself, as well as to face her fears and obstacles, Mia grew throughout the book.

But Mia had a serious weakness. She was too evasive in showing her love. It is true that showing inconsistent and erratic feelings for someone else can be really terrible. It may cause them to feel lost, unloved, and insecure. It can be very harmful to another person’s mental and emotional health. It is important to be honest, consistent, and respectful of another person’s feelings if you want to have a healthy and happy relationship.


The male lead in the novel is named Colton. He took over the global company Royal Enterprises, which he inherited from his father, as CEO. He has blue eyes, short black hair, and a toned physique. Although he is attractive, wealthy, charismatic, and powerful, he is also conceited, jealous, and reclusive.

He has a dark and troubled past, which made him cold and distant from others. He was attracted to Mia at first sight, and decided to make her his, even though she resisted him.

Colt developed and changed throughout the book, as he learned to open up and share his feelings and secrets with Mia, and to respect and support her choices and goals. He also learned to forgive and reconcile with his family, and to deal with his enemies and rivals. Colt’s strengths were his intelligence, determination, and generosity, but his weaknesses were his pride, jealousy, and control.

Will they end up entangled in a web of lies and regrets? Entangled With The Billionaire is a book that will make you laugh, cry, and fall in love. It’s a perfect read for fans of urban fiction, billionaire romance, and drama. Don’t miss this exciting and captivating story by Symplyayisha. It will entangle you in a web of passion, intrigue, and suspense.

re’s penthouse, the private jet, the exotic locations, and the lavish parties. The writer could have improved the settings and world-building by adding more diversity, and complexity.

Conclusions Drawn About Entangled With The Billionaire

Entangled With The Billionaire: A Clear path

I enjoyed reading Entangled With The Billionaire because it was a fast-paced and engaging story that kept me hooked from the first page to the last. I liked the chemistry and tension between Mia and Colton, and how they challenged and changed each other. They had more sparks than a fireworks show, and more drama than a soap opera. I also liked the secondary characters, such as Caleb, Colton’s brother, who added humor and drama to the story. They were the voice of reason, the comic relief, and the loyal supporters of the main couple.

However, I disliked some aspects of the book, such as the clichéd and unrealistic plot twists, the excessive use of sex scenes, and the lack of character development and depth. I felt that some parts of the book were rushed or skipped over, and that some characters were stereotypical or underdeveloped. For example, I would have liked to know more about Colton’s background and motivation, and why he was so possessive and controlling of Mia. Was he a secret spy, a mafia boss, or just a jerk? I also would have liked to see more growth and maturity from Mia, and how she dealt with her issues and emotions. She seemed to flip-flop between loving and hating Colton, and between being independent and submissive.

The book reminded me of the importance of honesty and communication in relationships, and how revenge can backfire and hurt both parties. It also made me think about the role of social media and public opinion in influencing people’s choices and actions.

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