List of Chinese Novels, original names, links and translations


Chinese light romance novels is not new. However, new pay-per-chapter novel reading apps such as Bravonovel and NovelCat has seen an upward trend in Chinese novel readers. This is owing to the apps making it more convenient for more readers to find Chinese novels.

If you have read “My Billionaire Mom” from NovelCat or “The Poorest Rich Man” from Baranovel, you will naturally be curious about more Chinese books like that.

Well, the thing is that these Novels are not actually written by the people you read the online version from and are mostly free online books. In fact, the Original book don’t even go by the same title as the one uploaded by your favourite Chinese novel apps. For example, the title of “My Billionaire Mom” from NovelCat in the original Chinese version is “我的老妈是土豪有声小说” which will translate to something like “My Mother Is A Local Tyrant” which doesn’t make much sense in English context, hence the title change.

Most, if not all Chinese novels are indeed free. Apps like NovelCat and Foxnovel swoop in, tidy up the titles, add pretty English names and profit. Because of this discrepancy in names and title, it’s a bit tricky to find a free copy of the books to read online.

This article compile list of Chinese novels you can read online. Links to the Original Chinese novels are included as well as their PDFs chapter and translations guide.

Translate Chinese Novels to English or your Preferred Language

Unless you are fluent in Mandarin, you will have a tough time reading the raw versions of the Chinese novels. Novels.Fun website has done a good job providing comprehensive guideline to help readers translate Chinese novels to English, Tagalog or your preferred language.

You can view the article here:

List of Chinese Novels, original names, authors, links and translations

Title/LinkAuthorOriginal NameRaw Version Link(s)
My Billionaire Mom我的老妈是土豪有声小说 (My Mother is a Local Tyrant)
Billionaire God of War豪门战神江宁_江宁林雨真_豪门战神江宁小说全文免费阅读_看书吧 (Noble God of War Jian Ning)
The Poorest Rich Man绝世大少陈歌(Peerless Young Master Chen Ge
Peerless Young Master Chen Ge)
The Hidden Billionaire张超林芳 (Zhang Chao Linfang)
Oh! The Smell of Money天降横财 (Tianjiang Windfall)
Ode to the Dragon修罗战神
My President Super BodyguardLau month最强保镖俏总裁 (The strongest bodyguard)
King of Kung Fu in School校园绝品狂神 (Campus Superb Mad God)
The HeirThe Chief Heir Chen Ping (《首席继承人陈平》章节目录-第1页)
Sweet Overlord甜蜜霸宠:首席的失忆小娇妻 (Sweet Overlord: The Chief’s Amnestic Little Wife)
Marrying into her Family无敌神婿 (Invincible son-in-law)
Insuperable King : He is back
The Ultimate HusbandSkykissing Wolf
I’ve Got A Super Rich Dad
You Don’t Get My Awesome Life
The Troubled Billionaire
Today, I Give Up Trying? / Ma’Am, I Don’t Feel Like Struggling Anymore / The Most Sought-After Man
The Most Sought-After Man
My All-round Husband
The Super Billionaire
A Cursed Mask, A Medical Legend
My Dreamy Old Husband
Life At The Top
A Super Rich Man
Super Rich Heir
Oops I Have The Wrong Guy
CEO’s Contract Wife
My double Face hubby
Sweetheart, Not Gonna Give Up On You
The Charismatic Charlie Wade [Amazing Son-In-Law]
From Rags To Riches
The Return Of The God Of War [The Protector]Levi Garrison镇国战神 (God of War)
Stealing your Heart
Punished By His LoveSuzie
Mistaking The CEO For A Gigolo
Royal Dragon Husband
His True ColorsHan Jingru
My Wife Is A Superstar
I Want A Lifetime With You
Sir, You Don’t Know Your Wife
Invisible Billionaire
Irresistible Romance
Sir Ares, Goodnight
The Dragon HusbandJoy of Life狂婿如龍陸葉白風雪 (Crazy son-in-law like a dragon, Lu Ye, white wind and snow)
A Dish Best Served Cold
Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage
My Sassy President
Magic Doctor: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband
Leading my family to glory
Now I am rich
Power of money
Married by mistake
The One And The OnlyFighting Dragon陈宁宋娉婷 (Chen Ning Song Pingting)
Pinnacle Of LifeEvergreen Qin
Carefree God Of WarWord Breaking Venice
Secret Agent Couples
The Best Son-in-Law: The Wisest Choice
The Alpha’s Hated Slave
Nothing To Give But My Heart
Never Late Never Away
King of Kings
Emperor’s Domination
Alpha’s Obsessed Love For His Little Wife
Perfect Super Natural Power
Nothing To Give But My Heart
Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort
The Mysterious CEO
Do Angels Exist
Sweet Daily Life With Rich Fool Husband
The Medical Road
Billionaire CEO Won’t Leave
Catch Me If You Love Me
When Life Takes a Turn
Medical Master’s World
Ace of the Dragon Division
Noble Husband At the Door
Spoiled By The President
The Proxy Bride of the Billionaire
Melting In Your Sweetness
Heir of the Richest Man
Winner Takes All
Millionaire Suddenly Appears
I Became The Richest Man In The World
The Richest Daddy
Invincible God of War
The Supreme Son-In-Law
No. 1 Supreme Warrior
Tiger Son-In-Law
A Hero’s Odyssey

Note: This list is updated as new Chinese novels are made available. It’s best to bookmark the page and check later for new updates.

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