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Does Moving to Canada Work in 2022? How to Secure your Dream Move to Canada


It’s not uncommon for you to see numerous ads on Facebook and YouTube promising a dream move to Canada. From links to pages, over and over again you have found yourself with more questions than answers, wondering what you are not doing right. Begging the question; does moving to Canada really work?

The simple answer is YES. A big one.

However, if you want to study or work in Canada, you have to do it the right way. Clicking on Facebook Ads alone won’t do the magic. One of the fundamental factors newcomers choose Canada as their destination is because it is a safe and welcoming environment to raise a family that has a phenomenal school and a free health care system for all permanent residents. and citizens, as well as well-paying jobs. A country with such benefit doesn’t get there by taking in every Tom, Dick and Harry; there are criteria you need to meet.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to discourage you but to guide you on the right path to achieve your dream move to Canada in 2022.

First, you need a purpose

Generally, your purpose is that you are seeking a greener pasture. You need to be more specific on the route you are taking. Are you going in as student, employee or tourist? Whichever way you choose, you have to get one foot in the door and quietly drag the other.

Canada Visa Application

The following links will help you apply for a visa to Canada.

Work in Canada

Canada has a wide range of opportunities for skilled and unskilled immigrants and professional alike. The following links should help you get started.

Study in Canada

You can obtain student status in Canada by following the guideline describe on the links below.

With 1 million newcomers ready to find a place in Canada to call home by 2022 and nearly 4,000 people receiving invitations to apply for permanent residence every two weeks through immigration programs and systems such as the Express Entry system and Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs), why waste time wondering if now is the right time to move to Canada?


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