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Without doubt, One Night Surprise Novel is one of the best Romance novels in here. It is an incredibly well-written novel. Credits go to the author for this masterpiece. One Night Surprise Novel can easily be read here if you have a computer, tablet, or smartphone and a stable internet connection. You can easily read this novel online or download it for offline convenience.

The main character of One Night Surprise

Courtney Hunter

She is a young lady, responsible and unwavering. However, her life gets changed completely and she is unable to accept this change. She desired to put this right, but then had her choice taken away.

Courtney is a woman who became a victim of a total stranger’s evil schemes. She had no way of knowing that one drink was practically a catalyst that would cause her life to turn upside down.

Trauma or Lust

Courtney cannot forget that night or the man who did all those things to her. But the weird part was that she was not traumatized by the incident. Rather the opposite, because she was practically having wet dreams for the stranger who had stolen her virginity.

Courtney remembered the voice and several years later, when she heard a similar voice, she could hardly control her body’s reaction.

The Meeting

Courtney did not see the face of the man who had done all those things to her and then taken her child. Therefore, she had no idea when she saw him in person. They came before each other, and neither could recognize the other.

But fate would deal with things accordingly and at the appropriate time. They are both connected by a string of uncontrollable circumstances borne from bad decisions, but the gift was just the start of a beautiful life of love and happiness.

on by poor a tenacious woman and a loving mother. She is not a pushover or a recluse. Her attitude is filled with the moderation of a woman who knows herself.

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Part 2: Plot Summary of One-Night Surprise

One Night Surprise: The Night, Courtney and Alexander

The story follows Courtney, who is just fresh out of a breakup, like she practically got dumped a short while ago. She encountered her boyfriend shagging her best friend and, in her misery, born from betrayal, she went out to drink. She drinks her sorrows away and then gets drugged out of the blue (not really).

Courtney is taken to a room where she gets screwed by a man whom she thought was her boyfriend at first. It was the night that she lost her virginity. But it did not stop there; she found herself pregnant only a couple of months later. She could not have her life ruined by the pregnancy, so she chose to abort the baby.

However, income is the bodyguards of the man who got her pregnant. Apparently, there was a mix-up, and she was not the one who was to be screwed that night, but now that she had gotten pregnant, he wanted the kid. This comes from the mouth of the assistant. Courtney refuses and then gets threatened; the man easily had a way to ruin the Hunter Group and her family.

Courtney agrees to receive the millions of dollars as well as the survival of the Group in exchange for the child. However, upon delivery, she is hindered from seeing the child. They took her son, and she was in despair. But not long after, she was discovered to be carrying a second child.

Courtney left the country and returned five years later with her daughter. She has no idea that she was walking herself straight toward the person who had changed her life five years prior.

Part 3: Exciting Chapter of One Night Surprise

Chapter Five

One Night Surprise: Courtney and Her Son

Courtney had her hair twisted around the man’s shirt button in her rush to get up. Her hair was pulled so hard that her scalp hurt. She could not help falling once more and instinctively placed her hands on the man’s shirt. When the other people in the elevator began to laugh, it only took a look from the man to shut them up. Courtney repeatedly apologized and asked for help to get her hair untangled.

The man was Alexander. He didn’t know why the woman gave him a sense of familiarity or why he wasn’t uncomfortable with the touch of her hands, despite his mysophobia. He told her to be still, and Courtney who heard the voice, couldn’t help remembering the man from five years ago. She said her thanks and was unable to resist looking up at the man who was able to evoke her emotions.

Then, the assistant accused Courtney of wanting to accost Alexander.

Alexander recalled Courtney’s movements a short while ago and he concluded. Courtney could see that he clearly agreed with his assistant. She was kicked out of the elevator before she could defend herself from the accusations. Pissed, she muttered several words under her breath. One of them labeled the man as a nightclub star. Though she was not quite enough, her voice was quite audible.

Alexander decided to attend the interview in person because of the woman who called him a nightclub star.

One Night Surprise: Courtney and Alexander

Love and disaster go hand in hand sometimes, but which one should come first?

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