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Nursing her broken heart and trampled pride, Abigail Marie Fuentebella Sandoval gatecrashed her ex-fiance’s engagement party. She sobs as she watches his betrayal in the corner of the enormous hall, drinking copious amounts of champagne. Her eight-year-old boyfriend is the father of her stepsister’s child, who is cunning. Despite everything, they appear to be content with each other. So, in an attempt to exact revenge, she chose at random to hook up with a handsome man in the group of fine gentlemen. Believing he is someone of importance. However, that night, she became a laughingstock when she found a pauper instead of a prince. She was immensely ridiculed for having a nobody as a replacement for her wealthy ex-fiance, the President of F&D Group of Companies, Justin Del Castillo. From a millionaire boyfriend, she ends up with a struggling man who cannot even bring her on a date in her family-owned luxurious hotel. Unknown to all, especially to Abigail, she wasn’t mistaken that night. Yes, everyone was right. The man she picked is unfortunately not a millionaire…But a billionaire. The business tycoon, CEO Lucas Alexander Montes Wright,. The precious firstborn of the world’s richest family and the eldest heir of the Petrov Mafia.

When Abigail Marie Fuentebella of I Paid A Billionaire For A Hook-Up novel gets wind of her boyfriend and half-sister’s engagement, nothing can prevent her from raising hell. If she’s been denied happiness, why should she watch them have the last laugh? Everyone must be miserable. No one’s allowed to be different.

Her first step for revenge is to cause an uproar and embarrass the whole family. She flirted with the most gorgeous man she saw at the wedding, believing he was influential. Her plan backfires when she finds out he’s just a mere waiter and nothing sort of the rich man she envisioned.

The Cast of I Paid A Billionaire For A Hook Up As Introduced

Abigail Marie Fuentebuella

I Paid A Billionaire For A Hook Up - Abigail Marie

Abigail Marie Fuentebuella is the main heroine of I Paid A Billionaire For A Hook Up novel. She’s feisty, reckless and a hopeless romantic. Ever since her mother met a tragic end, she’s been dying to feel love and be cared by someone. His father’s too selfish to do that. Instead of acting up as her father and be there for her, he pursued his own happiness. He married Karen who’s also a single mother and took them in their household, not even giving Abby a chance to profess her opinion for that.

Because of her father’s detachment and egocentrism, Abby had no choice but to endure the evilness of her stepmother and stepsister. For the following years, Abby became a victim of torture, gaslighting, and manipulation. Karen and her daughter had planned it all. Little by little, the rift that had already evolved between Abby and her father expanded even further. As a result, he stayed blind to the cheating of Justin and Alice, even becoming their matchmaker. In his mind, Abby is the spoiled and idiotic daughter who doesn’t deserve any ounce of happiness or attention.

Her broken heart motivated her to be desperate. As a result, she became entangled with Lucas Wright who presented himself as a waiter to hide his true identity. Money and status never mattered to Abby. But as soon as she found out Lucas’ real name and position in the society, she couldn’t help but to feel intrigued and interested.

Lucas ‘Lucy’ Wright" alt="I Paid A Billionaire For A Hook Up -

Introduced as LAM on the first half of the story, Lucas or Lucy Wright is the male protagonist of I Paid A Billionaire For A Hook Up novel. He already showed up from brie’s previous stories. He came from a multi-billionaire family and by acting up as poor, he was able to enjoy life and see the world in a different point of view. His adventures led him to meet Abby and never did once he felt obligated to make a woman happy.

Polite, humble and extremely good-looking, Lucy is the most loveable character in the story and it’s no wonder why!

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