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Marry Me Quick Novel Synopsis

For financial gain, a woman consents to a contract marriage with a wealthy man. She soon discovers that he is the leader of the underworld, and that he has a hidden agenda. She faces many dangers and secrets in her marriage, as well as her own feelings. Will she survive and find happiness, or will she regret her decision?

 Plot Summary of Marry Me Quick

Marry Me Quick: Su Yige
  • “I don’t want to marry you for love. I want to marry you for money.” – Lu Yichen

This is the shocking proposal that Su Ziyue receives from Lu Yichen, the young master of the Lu family and the owner of the Lumiere Jade House, a high-end club in Yunzhou City. Su Ziyue is a beautiful and bold woman who arrives at the club to attend a party with her cousin, Su Yige. When she inadvertently spills her drink on Lu Yichen, her appearance and demeanor immediately draw attention from him.

She accepts his offer of a contract marriage with generous compensation, viewing it as a good way to get away from the pressures and debt of her family. However, she soon realizes that Lu Yichen is not an easy man to deal with. He is domineering, possessive, and jealous. He wants her to be his exclusive wife, and he will not tolerate any interference from others. Su Ziyue has to face many challenges and dangers in her marriage with Lu Yichen, as well as the secrets of their pasts.

I chose this book because I was curious about the title and the synopsis, and I wanted to read something different from the usual romance novels.

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