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Selling Myself to the Alpha is a romantic novel that talks about an accidental pregnancy resulting from a one-night stand. Liana ends up sleeping with Axel, who happens to be the future alpha of the Clear Moon Pack, after getting drunk, as she tries to forget her fiance cheating on her with her best friend. Liana’s life takes a turn when she finds herself pregnant with Axel’s child.


Selling Myself to the Alpha Novel begins with Liana, who is a human but is dating Wyatt, a werewolf. Even though it terrified her to be with a werewolf, she slowly started to learn more about Wyatt and Matebond as she joined the Clear Moon pack.

Liana was Wyatt’s fated mate. She met Gwen, who quickly became her best friend and her comforter. Liana always shared her fears and insecurities about being among the werewolves with Gwen.

Seven years down the line Liana was excited to get married. But she finds out her fiance, Wyatt, is sleeping with her best friend and bridesmaid, Gwen. Feeling numb, Liana realized the man she had dated for seven years—the man she was supposed to marry—just betrayed her in the worst way possible.

Wyatt confesses to Gwen that the only reason he’s marrying Liana is because she’s his mate. And he can’t simply reject her because he hopes to take over the delta position in the pack. He explains how he plans to marry Liana just to have an heir and goes on to clarify that he’s going to leave her for Gwen’s sake.

Selling Myself To The Alpha Read Online Free Storyline

Hearing Wyatt’s confession, Liana is left angry and raging. So she breaks the silence and breaks off their engagement. But Wyatt doesn’t want to lose Liana, so he demands to obey her by forcibly trying to take advantage of her.

Fearing her safety, Liana escapes him by hitting Wyatt on the head. Liana runs down the street, wanting to escape the clutches of her cheating fiance. Soon she hits the bar, planning to gulp down the drinks. She makes the drunken mistake of going to the alpha’s son, Axel, and asks him to take her home.

Axel is the future alpha, who is known to be taking over the alpha position at the end of the year. He’s called to be ruthless and emotionless. So when a stranger, Liana, walks up to him and demands he take her home, he doesn’t deny her wishes.

The next day, Liana wakes up with an aching pain to realize she’s no longer the twenty-six-year-old Virgin as she finds herself next to Axel. When Axel learns the truth, he demands that Liana name the price. Infuriated by her decisions, Liana leaves, refusing the alpha.

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Selling Myself To The Alpha Read Online Free Steamy Chapter

Chapter 2: Take Me Home is one of the hottest chapters of the Selling Myself to the Alpha novel that can be read online for free.

Liana has just found out her fiance is cheating on her. But when she decides to leave, her cheating boyfriend tries to take advantage of her. So Liana makes a bold move to run away.

The story then shifts to Liana getting drunk and finding Axel, the future alpha. Hurt by others considering her to be nothing and hurting her feelings, she decides to overturn the helplessness. She demands Axel take her home and asks him to bed her.

This is the first chapter where we meet our hero, and we are left intrigued by his presence as the chapter gets steamy and exciting to see how Liana and Axel will deal with their feelings after the night is over.

Selling Myself To The Alpha Read the Free Storyline

Currently, Selling Myself to the Alpha is ranked number 2 by readers on the best-selling novels list and is trending with 600,000 reads. The story is ongoing, with a promise of a happy ending.

Overall, Selling Myself to the Alpha is a 4/5 read that you will enjoy if you love possessive heroes, supernatural themes, and hate-to-love relationships.

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