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What makes His Mate or His Girlfriend novel a different story is that Alpha Xavier wants to reject his mate Rose but can’t. The chosen Luna became the powerful one as the author slightly altered the typical path of these stories. It is up to her to decide whether to keep Xavier as Alpha or to move someone else up to replace him in the pack.


Rose believed herself to be just another typical high school student with lofty goals for a college education. She has spent her entire life traveling through life’s adventures with her aunt, as long as she can remember. All that changes on her 16th birthday when she learns that the birthmark on her arm is actually the symbol of her birthright to become the Luna to the Alpha of one of the most powerful werewolf packs on the East Coast.

Main Characters of His Mate or His Girlfriend Free Novel


Rose is a stunning late-blooming teen with a baby face and mahogany curly ringlets. She is an ordinary high school student with good academic standing, aspirations to be a doctor, and a crush on Jake, the most popular boy.

Alpha Xavier

His Mate or His Girlfriend Xavier

The Alpha of the Crimson Phoenix Pack is Xavier. He is the epitome of the ideal dream boy because of his height and lean, muscular physique. Xavier is in a relationship with Alyssa and hopes to make her a Luna of his pack, but when he finds out that he is engaged to Rose, a young girl who bears the Luna mark, his plans are upended.


Alyssa is the girlfriend of Xavier and the daughter of the Alpha of a nearby pack. She has blonde hair and shining blue eyes, and she strives to be a lawyer one day and Xavier’s chosen mate.

Summary of His Mate or His Girlfriend Novel Free PDF

Thomas, her father, comes to get her and bring her to the pack where he will protect her and get her ready to become the pack’s Luna and Xavier’s mate. The Alpha and Rose, the two fated mates, do not want to be together, especially since Xavier wants to make her the Luna of the pack and already has a girlfriend.

Xavier finds Alyssa, his girlfriend, attractive because she has the right curves in the right places, but Rose is bland and unattractive to him. Rose is interested in Jake, a friend from high school with whom she occasionally assists with schoolwork, and longs for someone to love her and only her. Many girls swoon over him because he is one of the most popular boys in the community.

When Xavier returns from college a year and a half later, he discovers a mature Rose. She had transformed into a seductive she-wolf with long hair, gorgeous legs, and alluring curves. As he watches Jake and other men lust for her body, jealousy begins to consume him. He still desires Alyssa, though. He battles valiantly to preserve the mate bond.

Unaware of it, fate will repeatedly bring them together despite their best efforts to keep their distance from one another and live separate lives with Alyssa and Jake. Things get even more complicated when Xavier learns that he can only be the Alpha of the pack if he completes the mating ceremony with Rose.

He will be divided between Rose, his intended mate and the future Luna of the Crimson Phoenix pack, and his girlfriend, who has supported him since his father’s passing. He will be torn apart by his attraction to them both. Will he stick with Alyssa or give in to his passion and the mate bond and go with Rose?

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