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Are you looking for an emotionally gripping and engrossing book that will hold your attention from start to finish? You only need to read Simple Science’s “When his eyes opened.” This novel boasts 2,761 chapters of romantic drama that are sure to leave a lasting impression.

When His Eyes Opened Novel Synopsis

Avery Tate’s father’s business was about to go bankrupt, so her stepmother made her marry a big shot. The catch was that the big shot, Elliott Foster, was unconscious.

It was only a matter of time, in the eyes of the public, until she was declared a widow and expelled from the family. An unexpected turn of events occurred when Elliot awoke from his coma. Fuming at his marriage situation, he lashed out at Avery and threatened to kill their babies if they had any. “I’ll kill them with my very hands!” he bawled.Four years had passed when Avery returned to her homeland with her fraternal twins—a boy and a girl.As she pointed at Elliot’s face on a TV screen, she reminded her babies, “Stay far away from this man, he’s sworn to kill you both.” Elliot’s computer was compromised that evening, and one of the twins challenged him to kill them. “Come and get me, *sshole!

Storyline of When His Eyes Opened

Elliot suffered a car accident and was in what was described as a vegetative state. Elliot’s mother decides to arrange a marriage for Elliot before he dies. Avery is the girlfriend of Elliot’s nephew. When Avery’s father is hospitalized with an illness, her stepmother marries Avery into Elliot’s family in exchange for money. Avery finally decides to marry Elliot after giving up on her elopement plans after being tricked by her boyfriend and stepsister.

Elliot’s mother convinces Avery to have a baby for Elliot while Elliot is in a coma, and with the help of a doctor, Avery succeeds in getting pregnant. But soon Elliot awakens and is very angry about the marriage. Avery is afraid that Elliot would hurt her baby, so she hides the news of her pregnancy from everyone. When Avery’s father dies of a serious illness, Avery begs for help to save her father’s company and pay off his debts, Elliot misunderstands that Avery seduces rich men to raise money, and gets angry and punishes her. Elliot’s lover gets Avery’s pregnancy file and gives it to him, it shows the father’s name is Elliot’s nephew, which deepens Elliot’s anger.Avery proposes divorce, while Elliot does not agree with that. The two provoked each other. However, as time goes by, they gradually fall in love with each other during their daily lives.

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