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My Wife Is a Superstar novel is an urban romance story about Ning Ran and Nan Chen. The story is all about family and commitment, the stress of marriage and how we overcome the challenges of life. My Wife Is a Superstar Chinese novel is available in English on Bravonovel on pay-per-chapter but can also be read online for free.

The raw version (Chinese original version) can be found on websites and translated using the Chinese novel translation guide. Free PDFs chapters of My Wife Is a Superstar novel can also be downloaded or read online for free on credible free novel websites.

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“Ning Ran, please don’t blame daddy for being heartless. His company is suffering losses recently. Hence, there really isn’t much money to spare. Besides, settling your mom’s medical bills are like tossing money into a bottomless pit.”

Luo Fei’s voice was gentle but scornful.

Suddenly, she changed her voice to a much gentler tone, “Ning Ran, we are sisters and I really want to help you. You will get a million so long as you promise to do that for me. You can use the money to cover your mother’s medical bills.”

A shiver ran down Ning Ran as she knelt beside her mother’s bed and started trembling.

Luo Fei was not bothered with her silence, “Ning Ran, you’d better think it through. Your mother will die if you don’t do that. Do you really want to see her die?”

Ning Ran’s eyes reddened and she felt a throbbing pain inside as if she was stabbed by a blade.

I can’t let my mom die! Definitely not!

“I’ll do it.” A hint of despair flashed through her eyes.

Luo Fei smiled, “That’s more like it.”

They were at the Orchid Club an hour later.

Ning Ran was still in hesitation but Luo Fei shoved her into a dark room.

Then, a man pounced on her like an animal in darkness.

Ning Ran endured the pain while hoping for this nightmare to end as soon as possible.

However, this nightmare was an abyss which constantly pulled her deeper inside…

In the next room, Luo Fei scrolled through her phone casually.

Director Feng was unexpectedly fit despite being in his fifties.

Luo Fei was thrilled when she thought about how the sweet and naive Ning Ran was being deflowered by someone like him.

She wanted to see how Ning Ran was going to hold her head up high like before after this.

Director Feng was the chief director of a huge show The Sound of Thunder. He made it clear to Luo Fei that the role of leading actress would be hers as long as she was ‘obedient’.

But the woman didn’t want to sleep with a disgusting and greasy old man like Feng. Hence, the most ideal solution was to arrange for Ning Ran to take her place instead.

Ning Ran was finally able to leave when the sun was almost up. Then, she headed over to the room next door.

The frail woman stood there shivering uncontrollably with red eyes. “Give me the money.” She muttered.

Luo Fei studied Ning Ran from head to toe then threw a bank card at her with a sneer.

“You’d better keep your mouth shut on this or you will regret it.”

She said as she found her way out then entered the room next to it and laid on the bed.

Luo Fei prepared herself and gave the man a nudge.

“There, I have given my all to you. You must keep your promise, alright?”

The man got up in the dimly lit room. “I’ll take responsibility for this. Thank you for saving me.”

This wasn’t Director Feng, that man sounded like duck quack.

On the contrary, this man has a very deep and magnetic voice. It was so charming that Luo Fei shuddered.

Luo Fei reached her hand out to switch on the light.

The man standing in front of her was tall, handsome and seemed to emanate a glow.

Luo Fei almost let out a cry in shock upon taking a closer look.


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If you have a few bulks to spare, you can read the novel on Bravonovel on pay-per-chapter basis. Bravonovel will charge you a token to unlock chapters. When you run out of tokens, you are required to purchase credits to unlock new chapters.

If you have ran out of tokens or can’t afford it, there are few alternatives. My Wife Is a Superstar novel on Bravonovel is originally from a Chinese material. This material is still available for free consumption on some Chinese websites. Using the comprehensive guideline provided by Novels.Fun Yarn you can swoop in and translate My Wife Is a Superstar novel to English, Tagalog or your preferred language.

Otherwise, you can download the novel chapters in PDFs or read online from any of the free novel websites.

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