Winning His Ex-Wife Back, A Romance Novel Online


The story of Aliya, an aspiring actress who must give up her dreams in order to marry Knox in an arranged marriage to support her family financially, is told in the romantic drama Winning His Ex-Wife Back.

Knox cheats on Aliya and calls her collateral. So Aliya decides to divorce him despite the odds. Soon she finds out she’s the heir to the entertainment business, and she’s ready to make her husband pay dearly.

Winning His Ex-Wife Back is filled with romance, a second chance at love, and drama with crazy exes.


Winning His Ex-Wife Back is a contemporary romance that is set around a forced marriage between Aliya and Knoxville.

Winning His Ex-Wife Back begins with Aliya, who is just nineteen years old. Her life was filled with dreams and hope to succeed, as she aspired to be a famous actress. But her parents forced her to marry Knoxville.

To help her family save their business, Aliya agrees to marry Knoxville despite knowing he doesn’t love her and has multiple affairs.

Despite all this, Aliya hopes to work on their marriage as she tries to be a devoted wife to Knoxville. She envies being a mother and wants to save their marriage.

But she hears her husband having sex with another woman while on call. She’s heartbroken as she hears her husband call her collateral, and he only wants her for his pleasure when no one is available.

Winning His Ex-Wife Back Novel

Winning His Ex-Wife Back is a billionaire romance set against the backdrop of the modern day, which is very close to reality. The story revolves mainly around the arranged marriage between Aliya, an actress, and billionaire CEO Knoxville Daniel.

A loveless marriage with emotional abuse is depicted in Winning His Ex-Wife Back, where we in Knoxville cheat on Aliya and do not feel bad about it. Due to Aliya’s lack of self-respect and the expectation that she stay in a marriage, their union is toxic.

She’s forced to do so by her mother, who begs Aliya not to leave Knox as he supports her family’s business financially.

Winning His Ex-Wife Back is a relatable tale of romance, as marriage is complicated. It’s a union that involves love, trust, and respect. Knox and Aliya did not exhibit any of these marital characteristics.Shyne’s Winning His Ex-Wife Back is a rewritten love tale that is sure to please fans of modern romance.

Currently, the novel is completed with 148 chapters and is rated 9.1 out of 10 by the readers. The chapters are serialized and well-written. Author Shyne makes sure her characters develop along the storyline, making Winning His Ex-Wife Back one of the best-selling novels.

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