The Alpha King Is My Second Chance Mate PDF & Novel


Novel Synopsis

“You can claw at me all you want, but your body betrays you, Natalia.”
I can hardly breathe with his hand wrapped around my throat.
But his presence is intoxicating enough that the need for oxygen flees my body. “Let go of me, Cardan.”
“Never.” He growls, and then he swallows my next breath with a searing crush of his lips against mine.

Natalia, an orphaned, weak omega lives life day by day with her head down.
Always shying away from the members of her pack who treat her like the abomination they think she is.
A weak breed that’s never even had her first shift. The only solace she finds within the Crimson Beasts’ Pack is in the arms of her best friend, Cardan Salvatore.
The same one she’s had a crush on for the last ten years, who also happens to be the Heir to the Alpha Throne. In a moment of loosened inhibitions, Cardan and Natalia fall into bed together on the night of his coronation ceremony, and he gives his word to love and choose Natalia forever.
But what happens when the following morning Cardan finds his fated mate?
Who also happens to be the same cousin who has tormented and bullied Natalia for years.
He breaks Natalia’s heart, choosing Abigail in her place to become his Luna.
A devastated Natalia runs away to the human realm, completely unaware she’s carrying his unborn triplets.
Worse is when five years later, her kids are taken from her. Only promised to be returned safely in exchange for their father’s life.

Chapter One

I’m trying my best to not let today get to me. I’ve never been the type to attend pack ceremonies, not when Cardan isn’t by my side at least. For the span of my existence, living in my pack has been nothing short of a nightmare, and if I’m being honest, things would only get worse as the years go on.
I’m an Omega, the runt of the pack

A weak, worthless wolf no one ever wants to associate with. Each day that passes, I’m treated worse than the dirt at the bottom of their shoes, like I’m less than the trash they toss out at the end of the day. I’m shoved, pushed, insulted and stared at like an abomination.
The abomination they all see me as.
Wolves aren’t meant to be weak. We’re strong, ruthless beings, only ever known for our greatness. But me? I’m a mistake, at least that’s how they all look at me.


This is just a sample. Soon to relocate to Galatea. The princess of the human realm, Freya, is half werewolf and half human. She is shocked to learn that the prince of the werewolf kingdom is her mate when he pays her family a visit. When she finds out he does not want her as a mate, her shock turns to rage. The monarch of the werewolf realm, Ezra, is a gloomy man who has lost his partner. His goal is to never fall in love again and to devote all of his attention to building his kingdom. What occurs when two lost souls meet by chance after experiencing heartbreak? What happens when their pasts come back to haunt them? Will they give in to their pasts or find love in each other?

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