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Candice had been by Alex’s side since she was eighteen from just a partner to something more. Power and wealth gave her confidence, which got her thinking she was one of a kind in his heart. However, Alex hired a new secretarial intern, Sonia, who was youthful, naive, and charming. Despite her innocent look, Candice felt threatened—not because of what Sonia might do, but because Sonia reminded her of her younger self, of when she first met Alex.

Chapter 1

My Mirror Image Novel Chapter 1

Even though Candice Renault’s only action in My Mirror Image Novel Chapter 1 is to make it obvious that he is in love with Sonia Summers, the new Secretary Intern, Alex Elysian, murmurs, “She is

a good girl.” Candice, who just returned from long-haul travel, accidentally bumps into Sonia. Sonia might only work in Alex’s company for a while. Yet, Alex can protect her in a completely different way than when he dated Candice in the past. Alex even invites Sonia to an exclusive meeting with the Dorrington City men and demands that Candice drive Sonia first before she drives herself home.

Chapter 2

My Mirror Image Novel Chapter 2

In My Mirror Image Novel, Chapter 2, Sonia’s mask starts to come off. The beautiful mask crumbles first when the scenes involve Sonia’s scolding. This scene leads Lisa Lindom, the decently performing assistant supervisor of the Secretary’s Office, to be fired without apparent reasons.

Mr. Elysian, aka Alex, gives Sonia instructions on more than just forwarding his messages through Candice. Her teary eyes don’t only serve as her mask as the bullied kid in front of Sonia, but they also become Sonia’s way of manipulating and silencing Candice. Sonia knows Alex would comfort her, so she weaponizes them all.

Part 2: The Main Plots Of My Mirror Image Novel

My Mirror Image Novel Candice And Alex

For eight years, Candice Renault and Alex Elysian from My Mirror Image Novel were romantically involved. Such a long-term relationship doesn’t only permit each party to get to know each other. It also lets Candice accompany Alex from the bottom of the business hierarchy until he can reach the top CEO level in the industry.

My Mirror Image Novel Candice And Alex also live in an exclusive apartment that other commoners can only dream of staying. Both of them were already in the company’s top hierarchies at the start of the plots. Candice used to do decent jobs as a secretary, and the same thing also happens for people in the same department as her.

Such a thing persists until Sonia Summers, the new “good-girl” secretary intern, steps into the company. Sonia’s petite and beautiful nature don’t only make her look like an innocent and bewitching elf. Her childish and innocent voices also cancel people’s intentions of getting mad at her. That way, Sonia awakens Alex’s protective instincts.

My Mirror Image Novel Read Online Free

Sonia’s appearance in the company where Candice and Alex have been together for a long time instantly wins the already-in-a-serious relationship CEO’s attention. In my Mirror Image Novel Candice and Alex’s relationship quickly turns sour, as Alex always emphasizes Sonia’s being a good girl as his excuse to escape from Candice’s questions about their relationship.

The first thing Alex demands from Candice in My Mirror Image Novel is to leave the usual chair she sits in and teach Sonia everything that a secretary would do. A few chapters later, Alex suddenly appears in a business meeting with an important client, while ignoring Candice’s past remarks about his absence in the meeting.

Candice used to believe in Alex’s “busy” status. She also used to envy Sonia, who reminds her of her youth, a.k.a., the first times she dated Alex. Yet, what if “My Mirror Image Novel” told readers through the scenes that challenge Candice’s usual beliefs?

Moreover, will the seemingly-innocent Sonia continue to trample over Candice’s efforts to fix her relationships with Alex?

Part 3: Some Analysis About My Mirror Image Novel

My Mirror Image Novel Read Online

With “My Mirror Image” as the novel’s title, I believe this novel is one of the most vocal in criticizing gaslighting matters. Candice Renault clearly experiences this problem since she bumps into Sonia Summers, the innocent-looking and elf-like creature, correction, secretary intern, who knows nothing more than showing off her pretty mask.

“No, Candice, don’t let this little imp fools you,” has been one of my most consistent mental reactions since I read My Mirror Image Novel Chapter 1. I can tell from Sonia’s patterns of not knowing anything that this little girl is pretending from the start.

I have no intentions of feeling envious of a woman who can access her feminine and seductive sides like Sonia. Yet, “not knowing anything” at all while instantly obtaining a special position from the CEO are huge “red alerts”. Remember, Candice’s eight years of relationship history with Alex Elysian implies she knows way better about this CEO’s life than the new Sonia girl.

My sympathies are not limited to Candice, the individual who believes that Sonia’s apparent polite demeanor evokes memories from her youth. As My Mirror Image Novel’s stories develop, I also feel sorry for Lisa Lindom and other characters whose creations are impacted by Sonia’s pretend-to-be-innocent masks. Either way, she is the true embodiment of an evil queen.

Reading My Mirror Image Novel is a pretty much triggering experience for me, especially that I’ve “been there and done that” in Candice’s position. I wish Candice would have more portions of plotting revenge. From there, I guess, she could build some kick-ass moments to retain readers’ interests.

Part 4: An Alternative To My Mirror Image Novel

Alternative To My Mirror Image Novel

The hurt trust isn’t the only aftermath effect of a betrayal. Nothing hurts more than hearing a significant other saying, “You’re just not my type,” or, “I’m not that into you,” after being together for a relatively long time.

At first, the victim might think something is either wrong or needs fixes within them. That’s what Candice probably thinks about through the chapters of My Mirror Image Novel. No wonder, she feels bitter towards herself and people around her. I can also sense her jealousy and idolatry towards Sonia, who reminds her of her younger self.

It’s highly likely that Candice wishes to gather forces to plot her cold-but-sweet revenge. Yet, My Mirror Image Novel doesn’t quite describe this part. It leads me to wonder if there were any alternative novels that we can read apart from My Mirror Image Novel.


The Kamenev family might be a Russian mafia family. Yet, New York is where they stay with their maids. Maia, along with her five other best friends, serve as the family’s royal maids. By “royal maids”, it doesn’t only mean they are different from other maids. It also means they have the rights to directly communicate with and serve the Kamenev’s.

Lada Kamenev, the mob lady, pairs each maid with a Kamenev after the death of the mafia boss. It is time for Maia to finally find out more about Kamenev. She will exact cold, sweet, and speedy retribution for whatever crimes they do to steal her childhood and cause her to lose her best friend.

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